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Social Media. Yes, it’s neccessary.

April 28, 2009

So I’ve been officially moved to the Web Marketing team at my Job, keeping my general title, adding responsibilities.

Kate for the Win!

So now I get to officially research and explore social media and web stuff in general as PART of my job, not just as an ancilary “hobby” that I’m trying to prove worthwhile.

I’ve often found myself trying to locate tangible evidence that Social Media is a must for any business, but stats are hard to come by. How do you measure something so nebulous as “Brand Engagement” when you’re not Nike or McDonalds? No Budget = No Tangible Evidence your company is benefitting.

It’s totally a “gut-check” when it comes to “is this working or not?”

So with that in mind – here’s at least one article I’ve found that includes examples. Hallelujah!

Check It:
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