I have a dream.

The reality is a great majority of us have to work to pay the bills. It’s just the facts. We don’t make the rules, we just play the game.

So let’s pretend for a minute that we had a tad bit more say in our lives, and that the things that are fun actually pay the bills too. Like – A friend said if she could get paid to, she’d shop for a living. I think she might mean that she’d shop for herself, but I do believe you can be paid to shop. You just can’t keep any of it.

Really, you can find a job doing just about anything you love to do for fun. The problem is that you probably can’t pay the bills on that sort of thing. At least I can’t – I’d like to sleep in and eat desserts and drink wine and wear fabulous clothes and get my hair and nails ‘did’ and be generally fabulous. But since I’m not a celebrity, it’s fairly unlikely that will be my job any time soon, and I don’t see my husband offering to sponsor that “job” for me. (I know, he’s totally selfish!)

I actually really like my job as an Associate Brand Manager. I work with smart, cool people, in a beautiful building in a business I actually believe in. But if I didn’t have to get paid or have health insurance because it was all irrelevant, there’s lots of fun things I could think of.

1. Watch a certain ex-supermodel’s talk show and love to hate how she makes EVERYTHING about ‘her’. (“Oh, you’re blind? That’s so saaaad. You know when I found out I had to wear glasses in second grade for reading I was soo bummed and I just don’t think I ever really got over that tragedy and now people can tell I’m a much stronger person for it, so I’m really proud I survived that hardship…”)

2. Puppy snuggler

3. Cookie Dough taster

4. Professional Massage-y (as in – it’s my job to get a massage)

5. People watcher

6. Critic. (Just in general. I already do this, so I know I’m a natural)

7. Happy-Dance demonstrator

So let me know – what would YOU do if money wasn’t an issue?


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