A Catch-22 and Some Haiku For You

So here’s the conundrum.

You have a job, but with your job comes stress.

Research shows working out is a great stress reliever.

So you think – Hey! I’m stressed! I will work out.

Then you try to work out, but find you don’t have time.

Which stresses you out.

A selection of Haiku’s for your Wednesday pleasure

Working is stressful

Schedule stress relief for health

One more appointment

Going to the gym

Self-righteous calorie burn

Smug sweaty girl leaves

Diets do not work

Big calorie deficits

Equal angry girl

I have a hobby

It takes my money and time

Husband can’t complain

Baked Chicken for one

Husband eats boxed dinner

Wife cleans dish alone

Fluffy snuggle head

Puppy warms entire home

Barky dancy boy

Hug me.

Hug me.


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