I love the Nightlife! I got to Boogie!


Oh sure, I’ve gone clubbing in the past – and for a few years I could drink myself to the point that I believed I was a good dancer.  But that was a time way back when I was in my early 20’s and club beats warranted a certain kind of flailing and spinning that could be passed off as “sexy” – or at least “interesting”.  Not that I was, just that I thought I was.


In fact, here’s a direct quote from my friend:

… You start out kind of mellow but the intensity slowly increases until you hit that “dancing peak” which I can only describe as some kind of rhythmicly synchronized grand mal contortion”



Anyway, times have changed, and I don’t go out much anymore.  And my dancing has largely been reduced to various iterations of my “happy dance” (it involves doing ridiculous flailing and spinning.  This time I know I look ridiculous.  That’s part of the fun).



She's a Laaay-day.


My friend decided we should go dancing downtown Chicago for her birthday.  A terrific idea!  Except she hadn’t seen my dancing handiwork.















And when I heard that it was a “no jeans allowed” club, well, that just made my situation worse.  The last time I wore non-jeans was when I was doing the “sexy” flail and spin.  Those non-jeans are also known as bar-pants or party-pants – typically black, stretchy pants that looked a lot better on my 21-year-old butt than they do on my now 30-year-old-butt.


The day of the dancing I woke up early and tried to make a go of finding something salsa-appropriate… and as luck would have it I walked in to a Loehmans (at which I’d never really shopped before).  Let me tell you, that store may have just saved my partying life.
This wasn't an accident
Love. It.     





I do love me some mojitos.

So we went to the club and let me tell you, that place is awesome for ego-boosts. Never in my life have I actually had a line of guys waiting to ask me to dance.  But there they were. 


As luck (or mercy) would have it, the first guy to ask me to dance was actually a latin dance instructor (could he see that clearly that I was going to need assistance?)…

This is a good example of the guys we danced with

This is one of our gals, demonstrating how we danced with all the fun guys





From there on out my friends and I had full dance cards and by the end of the night, our feet blistered, swollen and stomped on, we were happy and exhausted. 




In the end, I even a little bit believed what many accented men told me that night … “you a good dancer!”)


Kasia is the belle of the ball!

Kasia is the belle of the ball!





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  1. Howard Giske Says:

    The pictures look great, but did you ever go to Blackpool Latin and Modern competitions in England, it’s so romantic.

    I have the videotape of 1999 when the Hiltons retired. Check it out, that is the best competition in the world.


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