Here’s a fun game

As if blogging, tweeting, facebooking and myspacing weren’t enough in and of themselves, there are all sorts of other applications WITHIN those things to showcase how interesting you are to anyone willing to read about it.

I’ve been invited approximately 12 times to do the  “25 Random Things About Me”  game.

There are no survey questions or leads – just “Write 25 things about you”. Surprisingly, this has been the most interesting “survey” I’ve read about people in ages.

Maybe because it allows one to write what’s actually on their mind, instead of “what’s your favorite pudding”.

So I’ve included mine here.

(if I show you mine, will you show me yours? Hee! Too easy…)

No really – send me your list of 25! Maybe I’ll post some of the more interesting bits in a future blog.

So here it goes:

25 Random Things about ME

25. I’m the youngest of either four, three or two kids, depending on how you look at it and who you ask. But still the youngest.

24. I’m the first person in my family to go to grad school. I never ever thought I’d go back after my first degree, or even after the time I started my second undergrad.

23. I love doggies, but mostly I love my doggies. 

Gus is a fancy lad

Gus is a fancy lad

Other people’s doggies are ok, but generally not as good as my own. As a rule.

22. I seem to collect kitchen gadgets and cooking stuff, but I don’t do much cooking.

21. Whenever I get coffee from McDonalds I get an upset tummy. I think my body actually prefers overpriced, bitter tasting coffee.

20. I can be swayed to many variable points of view if you just give me a good enough reason.

19. When I feel Cold, I feel Hate.

18. I was raised Catholic, and now I’m Jewish. But I really believe God is bigger than any one religion, so Jewish is just sort of how I group myself and celebrate.

17. I’ve decided there isn’t anything I believe in strongly enough to have it tattooed on my body. Except things that go without saying, like “Don’t Kill”. And I don’t need a tattoo of that to remind me.

16. When I’m feeling down, treats make me feel better. Or I’ve told myself they do so I have an excuse for 600 calorie hot chocolates with caramel and sea salt.

15. I’d prefer not to have to live without makeup, but if I had to pare down, I’d choose Chapstick, Concealer and Mascara.

14. I’ve had a bad hair life.

13. I’ve never been bummed I was tall. Only bummed that stores don’t sell clothes that fit me.

12. I’m really really glad I married someone taller than me



and with bigger feet than me. But I’m terrified our kids will be beasts because of it.





11. I love things to be clean and organized, but I hate to have to be the one that cleans and/or organizes.

10. I’ve met Martha Stewart and Marky Mark (and the Funky Bunch).

9. I’m better than most beginners when I’m trying something new (painting, ice skating, ballet), but then my learning curve drops considerably and most people pass me in the skills.

8. I still got skills.

7. I believe my brother is a super hero, even if he doesn’t believe he is.

6. I can’t stand scary movies, because I already have enough to be afraid of. I don’t need more ideas.

5. I’ve discovered boxer doggies tend to smell like Doritos.

4. I prefer Plain M&M’s because Peanuts just interrupt the Chocolate.

3. I constantly feel tired, but I still wake up early-ish every day.

2. I believe I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, but I think most people are. That’s probably because it’s actually Poisonous.

1. I’ve recently started a blog at . You should read it every week and make comments because it’s the right thing to do.


Time Magazine recently posted this article re: the “25 Things” phenom.  Funny, but I think the author is just sort of angry.

Read it here:,8599,1877187,00.html


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One Response to “Here’s a fun game”

  1. Jen Says:

    My random thought: I thought tweeting was ‘tweezing’ when I first read it. I was like, “Why is she talking about tweezing and Facebook?” THEN I realized I’m an idiot.



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