I just uploaded over 700 professional photos to my computer from my wedding back in November. So I’m browsing through these pictures, noticing of course how fabulous everyone looked, how perfect the venue was…

Then I see some not so great photos. It’s to be expected. I mean – 700 photos? There’s bound to be some zingers in there.   But I have to say, this one just made me laugh out loud (not LOL, since it really happened, and I didn’t just think it.)

Oh gawd! Not the door!


And really, isn’t that what I wanted when I booked a photo-journalistic photographer? I wanted it to be authentic, not so posed, candid. It’s EXACTLY what I asked for. I mean, come on, it wouldn’t be MY wedding if it didn’t show us being sort of improper.



Then of course, there’s some great ones of me. While I’d prefer to show you only my most flattering photos, it’s probably only fair that I show another bad one of me.


my best look ever

Actually, now I feel guilty about showing a bad pic of my bridesmaid. So here’s a very nice one of Catherine.

Awww So Pretty!

Awww So Pretty!

Karma duly balanced.


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One Response to “Flattering”

  1. Amelia Says:


    The teef one is awesome… and I heart the first one. OMG LOL. That was a tiny door even for the twiggies!

    The good thing is that you get to release only the photos you find the best, therefore, getting to write the history, free (or full of) these awesome “oops” photos.

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