Snowblower Sadness

My husband is the least do-it-yourself, outdoorsy, work-on-the-house guy around. Paint a room? That’s me. Haul a ladder from the neighbor’s to change our vaulted ceiling light-bulb? Pretty much me. Change the toilet paper roll? Guess who? (I’m willing to argue it’s in the home-improvement category).

So now that we’ve gotten approximately 72 feet of snow, my husband has finally conceded that perhaps it’s time to get a snow blower. (Because no matter how “fun” shoveling the old-fashioned-way is, using a snow blower presents all kinds of extra maintenance that will equal just as much pain in the butt.  Hooray!).

No seriously, a snow blower would be a blessing, since getting my husband to go out there and shovel is about as successful as getting me to the gym. Or getting me to shovel on my own. Ha!

One day we hired our neighbor kid to use his dad’s snow blower for $10. Brett gave him a $2.00 tip. I thought it was extravagant. I mean come on! The kid didn’t even finish half of the driveway!

Problem is that in the middle of snow season, you can’t get a snow blower for a reasonable price (read: “discount”). In fact, you can’t get a snow blower at all. Not at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart. Even though Walmart claimed to have them in-stock (albeit limited) at two area stores.



Which means that in order to get in to our driveway after the snowplows have done a nice job of pushing mounds of snow into a dense little pile at the little space between our property and the street, I have to gun the engine of my little Ford Focus to an obnoxious speed in the 20 feet between the street and our driveway snow mound, to hopefully clear the packed snow and then subsequently Not swerve uncontrollably into the side of my house.



Pleas from me to get my husband to help shovel arrived at a compromise tonight, however. He promised I’d be able to get in and out of the driveway tomorrow. Not by shoveling or by snow blowing with our non-existent snow blower. He’s going to use his SUV to drive in and out of the driveway several times to trample the snow flat.

Take that Wal-Mart.


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