Edward Cullen makes Cellulite Disappear!

I resisted seeing Twilight for a long time. My husband is a big fan of the other-worldly stuff, not me.
I read about historical women (The Red Tent) (yes, I know it’s fiction), love stories (Water for Elephants) (yes, I know the love story involves an Elephant. And no, it’s not romantic love. I mean – there is a human romantic love story, but the elephant is the …. oh – just read it for yourself), comedy (stuff by David Sedaris. Choose any of it).

But Twilight is a movie about Vampire-Human love – written for 14-year-old girls. Not my bag, baby.

So I avoided it for weeks before I finally gave in and wound up Loving it. And loving Edward Cullen…the eternally 17-year-old vampire.

Now before we get all Mary Kay Letourneau – let’s remember that Edward Cullen is actually about 100 years old since he was born in 1901 or something (forget the old-man implications) – so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Plus – the actor – Robert Pattinson – is actually in his early 20’s and totally legal.

Nice, right?

Nice, right?

I thought just seeing the movie made for 14-year-old girls was good enough – I wasn’t interested in actually READING the book written for 14-year-old girls. But let me tell you – the marketing and word of mouth are compelling. I heard from at least 5 professional, intelligent, well adjusted women that could not stop praising the books. “Addictive” was the word I heard most often.

So my adorable husband encouraged me to buy the
first book. (First he gets me to see the movie against my best judgment, now he talks me in to buying the story.)

Now I’m addicted too. The books are an amazing time-sucker, which is great for reading at the gym. 20 minutes on the stairmaster feels like five minutes. That is Gooood for the tuchas.

So my husband needn’t be jealous of my imaginary romance with a 17-year-old vampire – because anything that makes me excited to go to the gym and spend time with the cardio machines is good for all of us.


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3 Responses to “Edward Cullen makes Cellulite Disappear!”

  1. Addicted to Edward Says:

    I too fought the trend, then it became such a cultural phenomenon, I had to see for myself. I read all four in rapid succession, and the first night I went home and realized the Cullens weren’t going to read me to sleep, I was sad. And I must say, I’m intrigued by Jacob too. I mean, a man who’s…oh, I shouldn’t give that away if you’re still on book 1 or 2. And who wouldn’t want to be Bella in book 4? I’m 48 years old. I can look at this two ways. I’m either pathetic, or I’m young at heart. I choose the latter.

  2. tallkate Says:

    I’m going with the Young At Heart. So many successful women can’t be wrong.

  3. rachel Says:

    I love Edward. I want more!! Why can’t she just continue the story!! There is so much more that can happen.

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