techno impaired?

So I think I’m pretty hip in general. I read fashion magazines, I know how to work the DVR, I listen to pop music. I have Sirius radio in my car. I text message.

But MAN – I’m am just impaired when it comes to new technology.  Basically – if it requires anything more than the skills to work Microsoft Word, I don’t get it.  I try and try – and yes, eventually I understand… but it’s not easy like it used to be.

I took a Linguistics course my second time around in college, and learned that there actually is a “window of opportunity” for learning a new language.  Usually it starts early – about the time most people start talking.  From there on out it’s more sketchy.  Maybe it lasts 4 years, this window, maybe it lasts 40 years.  That’s why you may know someone that speaks 7 languages fluently, while someone else still has a foreign accent even though they’ve been in another country since they turned six.

That’s what I think about this technology thing.   I have to struggle and strain to get the basics going in any functional manner in my little brain.  Technology = Language.   I think my window is all but closed.

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