I’m not a hippie, but my baby might be

April 5, 2010

So little bebe sauce got a nasty diaper rash a week or two ago. I don’t know how it happened, since we’re super careful about making sure she’s dry and has the protective ointment on before diapering her.
But she got one nonetheless.

And it was terrible – we’re talking tiny open sores on her little booty. Ouchie!!! 😦

I called the nurse at our pediatrician’s office, and she said it sounded like a yeast rash, and to go get some Lotrimin.
I didn’t know this, but Lotrimin is for jock itch. Poor little bebe is already getting embarrassing sports injuries.

A few days of Lotrimin didn’t help, so I decided to try the cloth diaper route. A few times hearing your sweet infant cry in pain because of an ow-ie booty will make you decide you’ll do anything to help her.

Two days and about $100 later, I became the proud owner of about 1 day’s supplies of cloth diapers. That crap’s expensive! (ha. no pun intended.)

Roughly 1 day's cloth dipe supplies

We’re using them pretty much only during the day, and not when we know we’ll be gone for a long time.
(Who am I kidding, I never leave for a long time. I’m too pooped!).

(ha again. pun intended.)

The rash wasn’t getting better, so we ended up seeing her doctor, who upon seeing her little tuchas confirmed the diagnosis.
And I quote “Ooooh! Ouchie ouchie ouchie!!”

Upon his recomendations, I’m now giving her twice/thrice (ha! Thrice!) daily baking soda sitz baths, plus using the cloth diaper “systems”, plus Lotrimin, plus 1/4″ of Vaseline at every diaper change. It’s quite a load of work.
Plus – while holding her during her very fussy “mommy my booty hurts” times, she peed on me as if there were no diaper even on her. I guess not only does everything need to be centered on her bottom just right, but she has to be at the correct angle when peeing or it can all just fall out the side. Hence my (not-my-own) pee covered pants.

Yesterday she seemed to really be hurting, so after a sitz bath, we put down a giant puppy pad and just let her be free and naked.

Naked baby!

We’d do that more often, but she pretty much constantly is leaking something, so it’s not practical with beige carpet.

Happy to report that today her Ouchie was slightly smaller. Progress.

Baby got back


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Social Media. Yes, it’s neccessary.

April 28, 2009

So I’ve been officially moved to the Web Marketing team at my Job, keeping my general title, adding responsibilities.

Kate for the Win!

So now I get to officially research and explore social media and web stuff in general as PART of my job, not just as an ancilary “hobby” that I’m trying to prove worthwhile.

I’ve often found myself trying to locate tangible evidence that Social Media is a must for any business, but stats are hard to come by. How do you measure something so nebulous as “Brand Engagement” when you’re not Nike or McDonalds? No Budget = No Tangible Evidence your company is benefitting.

It’s totally a “gut-check” when it comes to “is this working or not?”

So with that in mind – here’s at least one article I’ve found that includes examples. Hallelujah!

Check It:
<a href=”http://blog.asmartbear.com/blog/why-you-have-to-engage-in-social-media-even-if-you-dont-want.html

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